SOLE 2017 Fellows Awards for Best Posters

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Group A: Family, Children, Gender, & Well-Being

Judges: Francine Blau, Sandra Black, Robert Willis

Yuxin Yao:Sex Ratio and Timing of the First Marriage in China: Evidence from the One-and-Half-Children Policy

Group B: Mobility & Productivity

Judges: John Abowd, Joseph Altonji

Winner: Chad Sparber:
Choosing Skilled Foreign-Born Workers: Evaluating Alternative Methods for Allocating H-1B Work Permits

Group C: Education

Judges: Jeffrey Smith, Frank Stafford

Winner: Maria Zhu: “Effects of College Peer Networks on Labor Market Outcomes

Group D: The Labor Market

Judges: Henry Farber, Lawrence Kahn

Hiroko Okudaira: “Regulating the Timing of Job Search:  Evidence from New College Graduates in Japan