2013 SOLE Meetings Schedule

Friday May 3


7:00 to 8:00 BREAKFAST
Republic Foyer (Second Floor)

8:00 to 9:30 Sessions A --
All sessions will be on the third floor

1. Education Policy -- Chair: Eric Hanushek, Stanford University
Fairfax A

Joshua D. Angrist, Sarah R. Cohodes, Susan M. Dynarski, Parag A. Pathak, and Christopher R. Walters: “Stand and Deliver: Post-secondary Outcomes at Boston's Charter High Schools

Stephen Machin and James Vernoit: “Changing School Autonomy: Academy Schools and Their Introduction to England’s Education

Peter Fredriksson, Björn Öckert, and Hessel Oosterbeek: “Inside the Black Box of Class Size Effects: Behavioral Responses to Class Size Variation

2. Gender Gaps -- Chair: Sandra Black, University of Texas at Austin
Fairfax B

Ghazala Azmat and Rosa Ferrer: “Gender Gaps in Performance: Evidence from Young Lawyers

Anne C. Gielen, Jessica Holmes, and Caitlin Myers: “Testosterone and the Gender Wage Gap

Tymon Słoczyński: “Population Average Gender Effects

3. Retirement Behavior -- Chair: David Dorn, CEMFI

Stefan Staubli: “Extended Unemployment Benefits and Early Retirement: Program Complementarity versus Program Substitution

Patrick A. Puhani and Falko Tabbert: “Labor Supply Effects of Changes in Pensions – Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Low-Skilled Workers

Andrew Beauchamp and Mathis Wagner: “Dying to Retire: Adverse Selection and Welfare in Social Security?

4. Immigrant Selectivity and Outcomes -- Chair: Daniele Paserman, Boston University

Ted McDonald, Casey Warman, and Christopher Worswick: “Immigrant Selection Systems and Occupational Outcomes of International Medical Graduates in Canada and the United States

Rebecca Lessem, Carnegie Mellon University: “Immigrant Wages and Recessions: Evidence from Undocumented Mexicans

Ana Damas de Matos: “The Careers of Immigrants

5.  Economics of the Family -- Chair: Klaus Zimmermann, IZA

Robert A. Pollak: “Allocating Household Time: When Does Efficiency Imply Specialization?

Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Murat Iyigun, Jeanne LaFortune, and Yoram Weiss: “Changing the Rules Midway: The Impact of Granting Alimony Rights on Existing and Newly-Formed Partnerships

Lena Edlund, Elaine M. Liu, and Jin-Tan Liu: “Beggar-Thy-Women: Domestic Responses to Foreign Bride Competition, the Case of Taiwan

6. Higher Education I -- Chair, William Kerr, Harvard University
Beacon F

Sarah Cahodes and Joshua Goodman: “First Degree Earns: The Impact of College Quality on College Completion Rates

John Kennan: “Higher Education Subsidies and Human Capital Mobility

Josh Kinsler and Ronni Pavan: “The Specificity of Human Capital: Evidence from College Major Choice”

7. Place-Based Policies -- Chair: Jeff Smith, University of Michigan
Beaccon G

Matthew Freedman: “Place-Based Programs and the Geographic Dispersion of Employment

Rob Collinson and Peter Ganong: “Optimal Transfers: Evidence from Housing Vouchers

Jesse Gregory and Sergio Urzúa: “The Impact of Rebuilding Grants and Wage Subsidies on the Resettlement Choices of Hurricane Katrina Victims

8. Child Care and Child Development -- Chair: Lex Borghans, Maastricht University
Beacon H

Peter Gottschalk and Martha Stinson: “The Impact of a Mother's Decision to Work on the Development of a Child’s Human Capital

Natalia Danzer and Victor Lavy: “Parental Leave and Medium-Run Cognitive Child Outcomes: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from a Large Parental Leave Reform

Malte Sandner: “The Effects of Early Childhood Intervention on Child Development and Early Skill Formation: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment


9:30-10:00 Break -- Republic Foyer

10:00-11:45 Invited Sessions B

1. Advances in Empirical Research Using Administrative Data
Chair: Thomas Lemieux, University of British Columbia
Fairfax A


Raj Chetty: “Linked Administrative Data as a Tool to Study the Long-Term Impacts of Childhood Education Inputs”


John Abowd, “Improved Research Access to Census Bureau Linked Administrative Data via Public-use Products


Amy Finkelstein:  “The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from Administrative Data”


2.  Recent Developments in Empirical Methodology: Regression Discontinuity Designs

Chair and Organizer: Josh Angrist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fairfax B


Matias Cattaneo: “Robust Nonparametric Bias-Corrected Inference in the Regression Discontinuity Design”

Yingying Dong: “Regression Discontinuity Applications with Rounding Error in the Running Variable”

Josh Angrist: “Wanna Get Away? RD Identification Away from the Cutoff”


Zhuan Pei: “Nonlinear Policy Rules and the Identification and Estimation of Causal Effects in a Generalized Regression Kink Design”


3.  Internal Labor Markets

Chair and Organizer: Michael Waldman, Cornell University


Valerie Smeets, Michael Waldman, and Frederic Warzynski, “Performance, Career Dynamics, and Span of Control


Jed DeVaro and Oliver Gurtler: “Strategic Shirking in Promotion Tournaments


Claudine Gartenberg and Julie Wulf Pay Harmony: Peer Comparison and Executive Compensation


Lisa Kahn and Erika McEntarfer: “Worker Flows over the Business Cycle: the Role of Firm Quality


4.  Schools, Teachers, and Educational Policies
Chair: Kevin Lang, Boston University


Roland Fryer: “Injecting Successful Charter School Strategies into Traditional Public Schools: Evidence from Houston and Denver”


Jesse Rothstein: “Teacher Quality Policy When Supply Matters”


Doug Staiger: “Have We Identified Effective Teachers? Validating Measures of Effective Teaching Using Random Assignment


Eric Hanushek: “How Important are School Principals?”


5.  The Impacts of Economic Downturns on Health and Well-Being
Chair: Sandra Black, University of Texas at Austin


Marianne Page and Xiahan Zhang: “Long-Term Labor Market Effects of Growing Up in a Recession”


Sandra Black, Paul Devereux, and Kjell Salvanes: “Losing Heart? The Effect of Job Displacement on Health”



12:00-1:30       Lunch -- Republic Ballroom

 Al Rees Lecture: David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Worker Adjustment to International Trade


1:30-3:00         Poster Sessions and Afternoon Break --- Back Bay D

Confirmed poster presentations (Only presenter’s name is listed.)

A. Education, Health, Family & Children

1. Jan Bietenbeck, CEMFI: “Teaching Practices and Cognitive Skills

2. Ron Diris, Catholic University Leuven: “The Impact of Early Tracking on Later-life Outcomes: An Instrumental Variables Approach

3. Christina Felfe, Universität St. Gallen and CESifo: “Can’t Buy Mommy’s Love? Universal Child Care and Children’s Cognitive Long-Term Development

4. Dora Gicheva, University of North Carolina at Greensboro: “Tax Benefits for Graduate Education: Incentives for Whom?

5. Matthias Giesecke, Ruhr Graduate School in Economics, “Actuarial Adjustments, Retirement Behaviour, and Worker Heterogeneity

6. Osea Giuntella, Boston University: “Why Does the Health of Immigrants Deteriorate?

7. Martin Humburg, Maastricht University: “The Effect of the Big Five Personality Traits on College Major Choice: Evidence from a Dutch longitudinal youth cohort study

8. Kristiina Huttunen, Aalto University, HECER and IZA: “The Effect of Job Displacement on Couples’ Fertility Decisions

9. Julian Johnsen, University of Bergen: “Smoking Bans, Maternal Smoking and Birth Outcomes

10. Mudit Kapoor, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad: “The Impact of Formal And Informal Peers on Academic Performance

11. Young-Joo Kim, Kingston University: “The Long-run Gradient in Health by Education: Obesity and Overweight

12. Jee-Yeon K. Lehmann, University of Houston: “Explaining the Birth Order Effect: The Role of Prenatal and Early Childhood Investments

13. Marc Luppino, U.S. Federal Trade Commission: “College Major Competitiveness and Attrition from the Sciences

14. Maren M. Michaelsen, Ruhr University: “The Legacy of Conflict: Regional Deprivation and School Performance in Northern Ireland

15. Lisbeth Palmhøj Nielsen, Danish National Center for Social Research and Aarhus University: “The Effect of Maternal Employment on Children’s School Performance in 9th Grade

16. Torsten Santavirta, Stockholm University: “Does Placing Children in Out-of-home Care Increase Their Adult Criminality?

17. Herdis Steingrimsdottir, Copenhagen Business School: “The Pill and Men's Disappearance from the Teaching Sector

18. Steven Stillman, University of Otago: “Aircraft Noise, Health, and Residential Sorting: Evidence from Two Quasi-experiments

19. Owen Thompson, University of Massachusetts, Amherst: “The Intergenerational Transmission of Health: Estimates and Mechanisms

20. Felix Weinhardt, London School of Economics: “Top of Class: the Effect of Rank Position on Later Student Achievement

21. Miriam Wüst, Aarhus University: “Can caesarean section improve child and maternal health? The case of breech babies”

B. Labor Markets: Wages, Unemployment, and Labor Market Institutions

1. Bodo Aretz, Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim: “What Explains the Decline in Wage Mobility in the German Low-Wage Sector?

2. Gabriele Cardullo, University of Genova: “Sunk Capital, Unions and the Hold-Up Problem: Theory and Evidence from Sectoral Data

3. Michael Bernard Coelli, University of Melbourne: “Family Friendly Occupations and the US Gender Wage Gap

4. Andreas Fagereng, Statistics Norway: “Cash-on-Hand and the Duration of Job Search: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Norway

5. Getinet Haile, University of Nottingham and IZA: “Union Decline in Britain: Is Chauvinism Also to Blame?

6. Sachiko Kazekami, Chukyo University: “Do the Activities of Overseas Affiliated Companies Promote Japanese Employment?

7. Annabelle Krause, IZA: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy? Happiness and Re-Employment

8. Fernando Martins, Banco de Portugal: “Wage rigidity and employment adjustment at the firm level: Evidence from survey data

9. Kristin McCue, U.S. Census Bureau: “Workplace Characteristics and Employment of Older Workers

10. Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Which Job Skills Are Complementary to IT Adoption and Use?

11. Nico Pestel, IZA and University of Cologne: “Beyond Inequality Accounting: Couple Sorting and Labor Supply in West Germany

12. Joshua Pinkston, University of Louisville: “The Dynamic Effects of Obesity on the Wages of Young Workers

13. Achim Schmillen, IAB and IOS: “The Scars of Youth –Effects of Early-Career Unemployment on Future Unemployment Experiences

14. Daniel D. Schnitzlein, DIW Berlin: “Wage Mobility in East and West Germany

15. Anders Stenberg, Stockholm University: “Domestic Services and Female Earnings - Panel Microdata Evidence from a Reform

16. Eliana Viviano, Bank of Italy: “Temporary Workers, Uncertainty and Productivity

17. Ronald S. Warren, University of Georgia: “Intra-Firm Wage Bargaining and Employee Hold-Up: A Test of the Over-Employment Hypothesis

C. Labor Market Policy, Immigration, Networks, and Crime

1. Yukiko Asai, University of Tokyo: “Parental Leave Reforms and the Employment of New Mothers: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Japan

2. Louis-Philippe Béland, University of Montreal: “Political Parties and Labor Market Outcomes. Evidence From U.S. States

3. René Böheim, Johannes Kepler University Linz: “Firms’ Moral Hazard in Sickness Absences

4. Julia Bredtmann, Ruhr University Bochum: “The Role of Source- and Host-Country Characteristics in Female Immigrant Labor Supply

5. Inés Hardoy, Institute for Social Research, Oslo: “Getting Disabled Workers Back to Work – How Important are Economic Incentives?

6. Cheuk Yin Ho, University of Rochester: Can School Integration Eliminate Racial Segregation? Implications from Friendship Segregation

7. Ingo Isphording, Ruhr-University Bochum: “The Returns to Language Skills in the US Labor Market

8. Lukas Kauer, University of St.Gallen: “The Effect of Disability Insurance Benefit Cuts on Labor Supply within the Household

9. Ayako Kondo, Yokohama National University: “The Effects of Elderly Employment Stabilization Law on Labor Supply and Employment Status

10. Mark J. Kutzbach, U.S. Bureau of the Census: “Do Labor Market Networks Have An Important Spatial Dimension?

11. Lena Nekby, Stockholm University: “Spousal Joint Retirement: A Reform Based Approach to Identifying Spillover Effects

12. Susan Niknami, Stockholm University: “The Effect of Relative Income Differences on Crime: Evidence from Micro-data

13. Dario Pozzoli, Aarhus University: “Ethnic Diversity and Firms’ Exporting Behavior

14. Simone Schüller, IZA: “The Effects of 9/11 on Attitudes Toward Immigration and the Moderating Role of Education

15. Conny Wunch, VU University Amsterdam: “Unemployment Insurance and Departures from Employment: Evidence from a German Reform


3:00-5:00 Sessions C

1. Impacts of Immigration -- Chair: Joe Altonji, Yale University
Fairfax A

William Kerr, Sari Pekkala Kerr, and William F. Lincoln: “Skilled Immigration and the Employment Structures and Innovation Rates of U.S. Firms

Julie Hotchkiss, Myriam Quispe-Agnoli and Fernando Rios-Avila: “The Wage Impact of Undocumented Workers

Patricia Cortés and Jessica Pan: “Foreign Nurse Importation and the Supply of Native Nurses

Joan Llull: “The Effect of Immigration on Wages: Exploiting Exogenous Variation at the National Level

2. Economics of Organizations -- Chair: John Abowd, Cornell University
Fairfax B

Marianna Marino, Pierpaolo Parrotta and Dario Pozzoli: “Educational Diversity and Knowledge Transfers via Inter-Firm Labor Mobility

Tatu Westling: “Corporate Structure and Globalization: an Inspection of a Multinational

Kurt Lavetti, Carol Simon, and William D. White: “Buying Loyalty: Theory and Evidence from Physicians

Oana Borcan, Mikael Lindahl, and Andreea Mitrut: “The Impact of an Unexpected Wage Cut on Corruption: Evidence from a ‘Xeroxed’ Exam

3. Marriage, Family, and Labor Supply -- Chair: Shelly Lundberg, University of California, Santa Barbara

Pierre-André Chiappori, Bernard Salanié, and Yoram Weiss: “Partner Choice and the Marital College Premium

Elena Stancanelli: “Retiring Together or Apart: A Twofold Regression Discontinuity Study of Spouses’ Retirement and Hours of Work Outcomes

Lihan Liu: “Assortative Matching vs. Complementarity: Which Drives the Correlation of Hours Worked by Young Couples?

Fabián Slonimczyk, International College of Economics and Finance, Moscow: “Assessing the Impact of the Maternity Capital Policy in Russia Using a Dynamic Stochastic Model of Fertility and Employment

4. Labor Markets and Development -- Chair: David Dorn, CEMFI

Lídia Farré and Francesco Fasani: “Media Exposure and Internal Migration - Evidence from Indonesia

Taryn Dinkelman: “Can Spatial Mobility Insure Families against Long-term Impacts of Economic Shocks? Evidence from Drought and Disability in South Africa

Jairo G. Isaza Castro, Universidad de La Salle at Bogotá, and Barry Reilly: “Female Intensity, Trade Reforms and Capital Investments in Colombian Manufacturing Industries: 1981-2000

Laura Zimmermann: “Labor Market Impacts of a Large-Scale Public Works Program: Evidence from the Indian Employment Guarantee Scheme

5. Economics of Education I -- Chair: Eric Hanushek, Stanford University

Amanda L. Griffith and Kevin N. Rask: “The Importance of Aid and Institutional Expenditures for the Matriculation Decision of High-Ability Students

Hongliang Zhang: “The Mirage of Elite Schools: Evidence from Lottery-based School Admissions in China

Hugo Reis: “Girls School Attendance: A Dynamic Discrete Choice Structural Approach

Marianna Battaglia and Lara Lebedinski: “Equal Access to Education: An Evaluation of the Roma Teaching Assistant Programme in Serbia

6. Networks and Peer Effects -- Chair: Paul Oyer, Stanford University
Beacon F

Effrosyni Adamopoulou: “Peer Effects in Young Adults’ Marital Decisions

Delia Furtado and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos: “Immigrant Networks and the Take-Up of Disability Programs: Evidence from US Census Data

Claudia Olivetti and Eleonora Patacchini: “Mothers and Friends: Intergenerational Preference Transmission and Women's Work Choices

Sarada and Oana Tocoian: “The Success of Entrepreneurial Networks: Evidence from Brazil

7. Macro Labor -- Chair, Daniel Hamermesh, University of Texas at Austin
Beacon G

Heiko Stueber: “Real Wage Cyclicality of Newly Hired Workers

Mariana Kudlyak, Damba Lkhagvasuren and Roman Sysuyev: “Sorting by Skill over the Course of Job Search

Luis Díez Catalán and Ernesto Villanueva: “Collective Bargaining and Unemployment during the Great Recession: Evidence for Spain

Kurt Mitman and Stanislav Rabinovich: “Do Changes in Unemployment Insurance Explain the Emergence of Jobless Recoveries?

8. Social Insurance Programs -- Chair: Barry Hirsch, Georgia State University
Beacon H

Lucie Schmidt, Lara Shore-Sheppard, and Tara Watson: “The Effect of Safety Net Programs on Food Insecurity

Olivier Bargain and Karina Doorley: “Putting Structure on the RD Design: Social Transfers and Youth Inactivity in France

Kavan Kucko and Johannes Schmieder: “The Welfare Effects of Welfare and Tax Reform during the Great Recession

Norma B. Coe and Kalman Rupp: “Does Access to Health Insurance Influence Work Effort Among Disability Insurance Recipients?


5:15 to 6:30 -- Republic Ballroom
Presentation of the Mincer Prize

Introduction of New Fellows

Presidential Address
: “Neighborhoods vs. Schools”
Lawrence Katz, Harvard Universit

6:30 to 8:00 -- Cocktail Reception
Café Apropos




8:00-9:30 Sessions D

1. Personnel Economics -- Chair: David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fairfax A

Brian Bell and John Van Reenen: “Firm Performance and Wages: Evidence from Across the Corporate Hierarchy

Ji-Young Ahn and Craig A. Olson: “CEO Pay and Firm Performance: The Role of CEO-Firm Match Quality”

Kerry L. Papps: “Productivity over the Life Cycle: Evidence from Professional Baseball

Anders Frederiksen, Ben Kriechel, and Fabian Lange: “Subjective Performance Evaluations and Employee Careers

2. Economics of Fertility -- Chair: Peter Gottschalk, Boston College
Fairfax B

Andreas Madestam and Emilia Simeonova: “Children of the Pill: The Effect of Subsidizing Oral Contraceptives on Children’s Health and Wellbeing

Lisa Schulkind: “The Timing of Teenage Births and the Economic Returns to Education

Sarah LaLumia, James M. Sallee and Nicholas Turner: “New Evidence on Taxes and the Timing of Birth

3. School Choice -- Chair: Trudie Schils, Maastricht University

Karin Edmark, Markus Frölich, and Verena Niepel: “The Short- and Long-Term Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes - Evidence from a School Choice Reform in Sweden

Juan A. Correa, David Inostroza, Francisco Parro, Loreto Reyes, and Gabriel Ugarte: “The Effects of Vouchers on Academic Achievement: Evidence from the Chilean Preferential Scholastic Subsidy

Rachana Bhatt: “Home School Rights and the Rise of Homeschooling in the U.S.”

4. College, Ability and Earnings -- Chair: Joe Altonji, Yale University

Brad Hershbein: “Worker Signals Among New College Graduates: The Role of Selectivity and GPA

Martin Nybom: “College Choice, Abilities and Lifetime Earnings: a Local IV Approach with Swedish Registry Data

Joanne Lindley and Steven Machin: “Spatial Changes in the College Wage Premium

5.  Job Loss, Downturns, and Careers -- Chair: Jed DeVaro, California State University, East Bay

Jérôme Adda, Christian Dustmann, Costas Meghir, and Jean-Marc Robin: “Career Progression, Economic Downturns, and Skills

Péter Hudomiet: “Occupations Over the Business Cycle

Pedro Santo Raposo: “Determinants of Earnings Losses of Displaced Workers

6.  Parental Circumstances and Child Outcomes -- Chair: Robert Pollak, Washington University of St. Louis
Beacon F

Dana Rotz: “The Impact of Legal Abortion on the Wage Distribution: Evidence from the 1970 New York Abortion Reform

Chinhui Juhn, Yona Rubinstein, and Andrew Zuppann: “The Quantity-Quality Tradeoff and the Formation of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills

Shuang Zhang: “Mother's Education and Infant Health: Evidence from High School Closures in China

7. Labor Markets and Regulations -- Chair: Henry Farber, Princeton University
Beacon G

E. Mark Curtis, Barry Hirsch, and Mary C. Schroeder: “Evaluating Workplace Mandates with Flows versus Stocks: An Application to California Paid Family Leave

Daniel Chen and Susan Yeh: “Growth under the Shadow of Expropriation? The Economic Impacts of Eminent Domain

Yao Pan: “The Positive Effect of Labor Mobility Restrictions on Human Capital Accumulation in China

8.  Field Experiments in Labor Economics -- Chair: Ioana Marinescu, University of Chicago
Beacon H

Stefan Eriksson, Per Johansson and Sophie Langenskiöld: “What Is the Right Profile for Getting a Job? A Stated Choice Experiment of the Recruitment Process

Iryna Rud, Maastricht University: “The Effect of a Dutch Alternative Punishment Program on Future Educational Outcomes

Leandro Carvalho and Silvia Helena Barcellos : “Self-Control Awareness and Intertemporal Choice Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment

9:30-10:00 Break -- Republic Foyer

10:00-12:00 Sessions E

1. Labor Market Matching -- Chair: Thomas Lemieux, University of British Columbia
Fairfax A

Ioana Marinescu and Ronald Woltho: “Wages, Applications, and Skills

Stephen Burks, Bo Cowgill, Mitchell Hoffman, and Michael Houseman: “The Value of Hiring through Referrals

Edward P. Lazear and James R. Spletzer: “Firing and Hiring

John J. Horton: “Computer-Mediated Matchmaking: Facilitating Employer Search and Screening

2. Gender and Careers -- Chair: Janet Currie, Princeton University
Fairfax B

Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz: “The Most Egalitarian of All Professions: Pharmacy and the Evolution of a Family-Friendly Occupation

Nikolay Angelov, Per Johansson, and Erica Lindahl: “Is the constant gender gap in income and wages due to unequal family responsibilities?

Jane Leber Herr: “Understanding the Mechanism of the Return to Delayed First Birth

Catherine J. Weinberger: “Opting In and Out: Conditional and Unconditional Trends in Women’s Transitions, and the Emergence of High-Paid Labor Force Reentry

3. Impacts of Early Life Shocks -- Chair: Sandra Black, University of Texas at Austin

Martin Halla and Martina Zweimüller: “The Social Gradient in the Impact of the Chernobyl Accident: The Case of Austria

Sandra E. Black, Aline Bütikofer, Paul Devereux, Kjell G. Salvanes: “This Is Only a Test? Long-Run Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Radioactive Fallout from Nuclear Weapon Testing

Maria Rosales: “Family Investment Responses to Childhood Health Conditions: Intrafamily Allocation of Resources

Dara N. Lee: “The Impact of Childhood Health on Adult Educational Attainment: Evidence from Mandatory School Vaccination Laws

4. Evaluating Education and Training Programs -- Chair: Jeff Smith, University of Michigan

Benoit Dostie: “Do Train-or-Pay Schemes Really Increase Training Levels?

Pushkar Maitra and Subha Mani: “Learning and Earning: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in India

Gabrielle Fack and Julien Grenet: “Means-Tested Grants and Students' Higher Education Decisions in France: a Regression Discontinuity Approach

Stefan Bender, Bernd Fitzenberger, Marina Furdas, and Olga Orlanski: “Do Policy Reforms Change the Probability of Treatment? Evidence for Further Training Programs in Germany

5.  Economics of Education II -- Chair: Kevin Lang, Boston University

Elizabeth Dhuey and Justin Smith: “How School Principals Influence Student Learning

Timothy N. Bond and Kevin Lang: “The Evolution of the Black-White Test Score Gap in Grades K-3: The Fragility of Results

Iftikhar Hussain: “Not Just Test Scores: Parents’ Demand Response to School Quality Information

Mike Helal: “School Resources, Autonomy and Student Achievement: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design

6. Taxes and Transfers -- Chair: Dan Black, University of Chicago and NORC
Beacon F

Philipp Doerrenberg and Denvil Duncan: “Experimental Evidence on the Relationship between Tax Evasion Opportunities and Labor Supply

Erlend Eide Bø, Joel Slemrod, Thor O. Thoresen: “Taxes on the Internet: Deterrence Effects of Public Disclosure

Julie Berry Cullen and Lucie Schmidt: “Growth in the Supplemental Security Income Program for Children: The Role of Local Jurisdictions and Fiscal Incentives

Maggie R. Jones: “The EITC and Labor Supply: Evidence from a Regression Kink Design

7.  Labor Market Measurement Issues -- Chair: Jesse Rothstein, University of California, Berkeley
Beacon G

Jonathan Fisher and Christina Houseworth: “Occupation Inflation in the Current Population Survey

Christopher Bollinger, Charles Hokayem and James P. Ziliak: “The Role of CPS Non-Response on Trends in Poverty and Inequality

Antti Kauhanen and Mika Maliranta: “Micro-Components of Aggregate Wage Dynamics

Graton Gathright and Holly A. Monti: “Measuring earnings instability using survey and administrative data

8. Unemployment Insurance -- Chair, Daniel Hamermesh, University of Texas, Austin
Beacon H

David D. Ratner: “Unemployment Insurance Experience Rating and Labor Market Dynamics

Henry S. Farber and Rob Valletta: “Do Extended Unemployment Benefits Lengthen Unemployment Spells?  Evidence from Recent Cycles in the U.S. Labor Market

Thomas Le Barbanchon: “The Effect of the Potential Duration of Unemployment Benefits on Unemployment Exits to Work and Match Quality in France

Marios Michaelides: “Are Reemployment Programs Effective in Periods of High Unemployment? Experimental Evidence from the UI System

12:00-1:30 Lunch

Republic Ballroom

Keynote Lecture: Marianne Bertrand, University of Chicago
"The Remaining Gender Gap: Causes and Policy Responses"

1:30 to 3:30 Sessions F

1. (Special Invited Session) The Labor Market in the Great Recession and Beyond -- Chair: Klaus Zimmermann, IZA
Fairfax A

Edward P. Lazear: “A New Normal for Labor Markets? An Examination of Employment and Productivity”

Kerwin Charles, Erik Hurst, and Matthew Notowidigdo: “Manufacturing Decline, Housing Booms, and Nonemployment

John Haltiwanger: “Reallocation in the Great Recession:  Cleansing or Not?

Johannes Schmieder, Till Van Wachter, and Stefan Bender: “The Effect of Unemployment Insurance Extensions on Reemployment Wages”

2. Higher Education II -- Chair: John Kennan, University of Wisconsin
Fairfax B

Amanda Agan, University of Chicago: “Disaggregating the Returns to College

Jonathan Smith: “Ova and Out: Using Twins to Estimate the Educational Returns to Attending a Selective College

Peter Hinrichs: “An Empirical Analysis of Racial Segregation in Higher Education

Peter Arcidiacano and Cory Koedel: “Race and College Success: Evidence from Missouri

3. Labor Market Networks -- Chair: Peter Fredriksson, Stockholm University

Manuel Bagues and Natalia Zinovyeva: “The Role of Connections in Academic Promotions

Rachel Heath: “Why Do Firms Hire Using Referrals? Evidence from Bangladeshi Garment Factories

Lena Hensvik and Oskar Nordström Skan: “Social Networks, Employee Selection and Labor Market Outcomes: Toward an Empirical Analysis

Ian Schmutte: “Why it Matters Who You Know: Evidence on the Mechanisms Underlying Job Referral

4. Crime -- Chair: Jérôme Adda, European University Institute

Chandler B. McClellan and Erdal Tekin: “Stand Your Ground Laws, Homicides, and Injuries

Kevin T. Schnepel: “Labor Market Opportunities and Crime: Evidence from Parolees

Daniel Chen: “The Deterrent Effect of the Death Penalty? Evidence from British Commutations during World War I

Marjorie McElroy: “Do Concealed Gun Permits Deter Crime? New Results from a Dynamic Model

5. Technology, Trade, and Labor Markets -- Chair: David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David H. Autor, David Dorn, and Gordon H. Hanson: “Untangling Trade and Technology: Evidence from Local Labor Markets

Manisha Goel: “Skills, Transaction Costs, and Offshored Tasks: Implications for Wage Inequality in Developing Countries”

Wolfgang Dauth, Sebastian Findeisen, and Jens Suedekum: “The Rise of the East and the Far East: German Labor Markets and Trade Integration

Charlotte Senftleben and Hanna Wielandt: “The Polarization of Employment in German Local labor Markets

6. Behavioral Labor Economics and Preferences -- Chair: Janet Currie, Princeton University
Beacon F

Bart Golsteyn, Hans Grönqvist, and Lena Lindahl: “Time Preferences and Lifetime Outcomes

Alex Bryson and George McKerron: “Are You Happy While You Work?

Ingvild Almås, Alexander W. Cappelen, Erik Ø. Sørensen, Kjell Salvanes, and Bertil Tungodden: “Willingness to Compete: Family Matters

Lena Nekby, Peter Thoursie, and Lars Vahtrik : “Examination Behavior -- Gender Differences in Preferences?

7. Intergenerational Transmission -- Chair: Marianne Page, University of California, Davis
Beacon G

Matthew J. Lindquist, Joeri Sol and Mirjam van Praag: “Why Do Entrepreneurial Parents Have Entrepreneurial Children?

Claudia Olivetti, M. Daniele Paserman, and Laura Salisbury: “Intergenerational Mobility across Three Generations in the 19th Century: Evidence from the US Census

Silke Anger and Daniel D. Schnitzlein: “Like Brother, Like Sister? – The Importance of Family Background for Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills

Mikael Lindahl, Mårten Palme, Sofia Sandgren Massih, and Anna Sjögren: “The Intergenerational Persistence of Human Capital: An Empirical Analysis of Four Generations

8. Learning, Sorting, and Matching -- Chair: Paul Oyer, Stanford University
Beacon H

Pascal Courty and Gerald Marschke: “On the Sorting of Physicians Across Medical Occupations

Hugh Cassidy, Jed DeVaro, Antti Kauhanen: “The Signaling Role of Promotions: New Evidence from European Firms

Christina Håkanson, Erik Lindqvist, and Janos Vlachos: “Firms and Skills: The Evolution of Worker Sorting

Ron A. Laschever: “Two-Sided Interview Schedules and Employment Outcomes: Evidence from the Choices of Recruiters and Job Applicants

3:30-4:00 Break

4:00-5:30 Sessions G

1.  Immigration -- Chair: Daniele Paserman, Boston University
Fairfax A

Peter McHenry: “Immigration and the Human Capital of Natives

Javier Ortega and Gregory Verdugo: “The Impact of Low Skill Immigration on Blue Collar Workers: Panel Data Evidence

Jeanne LaFortune, Carolina González-Velosa, and José Tessada: “More Hands, More Power? The Impact of Immigration on Farming and Technology Choices in US Agriculture in Early 20th Century

2. Discrimination, Perception, and Policy -- Chair: Daniel Chen, ETH Zurich
Fairfax B

Francisca Antman and Brian Duncan: “Incentives to Identify:  Ethnic Identification and Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Ali M. Ahmed, Lina Andersson, and Mats Hammarstedt: “Sexual prejudice and labor market outcomes among gays and lesbians

Michael Mueller-Smith: “Discrimination with Concealable Characteristics: A Study of Sexual Orientation in the United States

3. Housing and Labor Markets -- Chair: William Kerr, Harvard University

Christopher F. Goetz: “Falling House Prices and Labor Mobility: Evidence From Matched Employer-Employee Data

Brian C. Cadena and Brian K. Kovak: “Immigration, Internal Migration, and Local Labor Market Adjustment Following the U.S. Housing Bust

Jorge De la Roca and Diego Puga: “Learning by Working in Big Cities

4. Empirical Methodology -- Chair: Matthew Notowidigdo, University of Chicago

Adrián de la Garza, Banco de México: “The Relative Utility Hypothesis With and Without Self-reported Reference Wages

Mike Brewer, Thomas F. Crossley, and Robert Joyce: “Inference in Difference-in-Differences Revisited

Martin Huber and Giovanni Mellace: “Relaxing monotonicity in the identification of local average treatment effects

5. Wage and Compensation Inequality -- Chair: John Abowd, Cornell University

Maury Gittleman: “Pay for Performance and Compensation Inequality:  Evidence from the ECEC

Cindy Zoghi and Robert Mohr: “Within-Firm Wage Compression and Job Skills in the National Compensation Survey

Mario Centeno and Álvaro A. Novo: “When Supply Meets Demand: Wage Inequality in Portugal

6. Minimum Wage -- Chair: Barry Hirsch, Georgia State University
Beacon F

David Neumark, J.M. Ian Salas, and William Wascher: “Revisiting the Minimum Wage-Employment Debate: Throwing Out the Baby with the Bathwater?

Peter Dolton, Chiara Rosazza Bondibene, and Michael Stops: “Identifying the Employment Effect of Invoking and Changing the Minimum Wage: A Spatial Analysis of the UK

Bodo Aretz, Melanie Arntz, and Terry Gregory: “The Minimum Wage Affects Them All: Evidence on Employment Spillovers in the Roofing Sector

7. Fertility Choices and Child Outcomes -- Chair: Claudia Olivetti, Boston University
Beacon G

Eva Garcia-Moran: “Fecundity Differentials and Child Custody

Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel and Daniel Rosenblum: “The Indian Ultrasound Paradox

Teny Maghakian and Lisa Schulkind: “What a Difference a Day Makes: Quantifying the Effects of Birth Timing Manipulation on Infant Health

8. Economics of Personality -- Chair: Yoram Weiss, Tel Aviv University
Beacon H

Bas ter Weel and Tyas Prevoo: “The Importance of Early Conscientiousness for Socio-Economic Outcomes

Lex Borghans and Trudie Schils: “Low stakes, high stakes: the predictive power of math achievement tests

Andrew McGee and Peter McGee: “Whoever You Want Me to Be: Personality and Incentives

The conference ends at 5:30. There are no closing events.


Note: We received 513 submissions. The committee accepted 164 submissions for regular sessions and 100 for poster sessions.