Registrations received as of April 22, 2019

Please check this list carefully. The affiliation comes from your registration form. Make sure the one on this list is correct, because it will be used for your name tag and program listing.

You can update the contact information on your registration receipt by clicking on the link and going to the 123Signup website.

Report spelling errors or updates in your affiliation information to the office at

This is also the time to notify the office of any dietary preferences you have. Don't wait until you are sitting at the table to do this. It is very costly to make substitutions on-site but the hotel will be happy to take care of your requests with advance notice.

If you think you registered but do not see your name on the list, contact the office right away at

John Abowd Cornell University
Katharine Abraham University of Maryland
Pascal Achard Tilburg University
Riley Acton Michigan State University
Randall Akee UCLA
Lina Aldén Linnaeus University
Ragnar Alne University of Bergen
Joseph Altonji Yale University
Lorenzo Amani Virginia Tech
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes San Diego State University
Desmond Ang Harvard University
Jaime Arellano-Bover Stanford University
Yukiko Asai University of Chicago
Enghin Atalay University of Wisconsin - Madison
Kate Bahn Washington Center for Equitable Growth
Michael Baker University of Toronto
Simone Balestra University of St. Gallen
Sarah Bana University of California - Santa Barbara
Cristina Barceló Banco de España
Tavis Barr Russell Reynolds Associates
Ann Bartel Columbia University
Alexander Bartik University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Vittorio Bassi University of Southern California
Jacob Bastian University of Chicago
Michael Bates University of California - Riverside
Jennifer Bernard University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Antoine Bertheau CREST-ENSAE
Barbara Biasi Yale University
Stephen Billings University of Colorado - Boulder
Anna Bindler University of Gothenberg
Paul Bingley Danish Center for Social Science Research
Carl Magnus Bjuggren Research Institute of Industrial Economics
Francine Blau Cornell University
René Böheim Johannes Kepler University Linz
Raicho Bojilov Ecole Polytechnique
Mark Borgschulte University of Illinois   
Anne Boring Erasmus University Rotterdam
Laurent Bossavie The World Bank
Valerie Bostwick Ohio State University
Anne-Lise Breivik University of Bergen
David Brown U.S. Bureau of the Census
Ryan Brown University of Colorado - Denver
Charlie Brown University of Michigan
Jesse Bruhn Boston University
Peter Brummund University of Alabama
Mary Burke Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Gregorio Caetano University of Georgia
Sydnee Caldwell MIT
Serena Canaan American University of Beirut
Jillian Carr   Purdue University
Joanna Carroll Indiana University
Sarah Cattan Institute for Fiscal Studies
Rajashri Chakrabarti Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Juan Pablo Chauvin Inter-American Development Bank
Shuai Chen Tilburg University
Kelly Chen Boise State University
Jimmy Chin Congressional Budget Office
Eleanor Choi Hanyang University
Amanda Chuan Michigan State University
Eric Chyn University of Virginia
John Coglianese Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Marie Connolly University of Quebec in Montreal
Emily Cook University of Virginia
Matias Cortes York University
Rui Costa London School of Economics
Leland Crane Federal Reserve Board of Governors
Kamila Cygan-Rehm Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
Oren Danieli Harvard University
Jonathan Davis University of Oregon
Olivier De Groote Toulouse School of Economics
Sylvie Démurger University of Lyon
Jeffrey Denning Brigham Young University
Ellora Derenoncourt Harvard University
Jed DeVaro California State University, East Bay
Matthew Dey U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Marcus Dillender W.E. Upjohn Institute
Xiaozhou Ding University of Kentucky
Ciprian Domnisoru University of California, Berkeley
Benoit Dostie HEC Montreal
John Earle George Mason University
Fulya Ersoy Loyola Marymount University
Robert Fairlie University of California, Santa Cruz
Bruce Fallick Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Henry Farber Princeton University
Henry Farber Princeton University
Christine Farquharson Institute for Fiscal Studies
Yarine Fawaz CEMFI
Ana Figueiredo Erasmus School of Economics
Stefanie Fischer Cal Poly State University
Anne Fitzpatrick University of Massachusetts - Boston
Luca Flabbi University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Alfonso Flores-Lagunes Syracuse University
Andrew Foote U.S. Bureau of the Census
Nicole Fortin University of British Columbia
Andrei Fradkin Boston University
Harley Frazis Bureau of Labor Statistics
Delia Furtado University of Connecticut
Joao Alfredo Galindo da Fonseca University of Montreal
Anuj Gangopadhyaya Urban Institute
Andrew Garin Harvard University
Sabrina Genz Institute for Employment Research
Rania Gihleb University of Pittsburgh
Eunsung Gil KIET
Osea Giuntella University of Pittsburgh
Pamela Giustinelli Bocconi University
Anna Godøy University of California - Berkeley
Joshua Goodman Harvard University
Emma Gorman Lancaster University UK
Joshua D. Gottlieb University of British Columbia
Georg Grätz Uppsala University
Amanda Griffith Wake Forest University
Jeffrey Groen Bureau of Labor Statistics
Jeffrey Grogger University of Chicago
Oliver Guertler University of Cologne
Mehreen Gul Rice University
Catherine Haeck University of Quebec in Montreal
Steven Haider Michigan State University
Getinet Haile The University of Nottingham
Andreas Haller University of Zurich
Jeehoon Han University of Chicago
Elizabeth Weber Handwerker Bureau of Labor Statistics
Enda Hargaden University of Tennessee
Sven Hartmann Trier University
Alex Xi He MIT
Dave Heatley NZ Productivity Commission
Daniel Herbst University of Arizona
Debra Hevenstone Bern University of Applied Sciences
Peter Hinrichs Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Jonas Hjort Columbia University
Lauren  Hoehn-Velasco Bryn Mawr College
Charles Hokayem U.S. Census Bureau
Pia Homrighausen Institute for Employment Research
Laura Hospido Bank of Spain
Julie Hotchkiss Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
V. Joseph Hotz Duke University
Claire Hou University of Maryland
Hilary Hoynes University of California - Berkeley
Dmytro Hryshko University of Alberta
Emiliano Huet-Vaughn University of California - Los Angeles
David Huffman University of Pittsburgh
Iftikhar Hussain University of Sussex
Kristiina Huttunen Aalto University
Henry Hyatt U.S. Census Bureau
Michael Insler U.S. Naval Academy
Osborne Jackson Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Lindsay Jacobs Federal Reserve Board
Hanbat Jeong Ohio State University
Laura Jernström University of Helsinki 
Hanchen Jiang Johns Hopkins University
Xuan Jiang The Ohio State University
Lu Jinks University of Illinois - Chicago
Matthew Johnson Duke University
Margaret Jones U.S. Bureau of the Census
Chinhui Juhn University of Houston
Lawrence Kahn Cornell University
Arizu Karimi Uppsala University
Takao Kato Colgate University
Carina Keldenich Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg
Mee Jung Kim George Mason University
MinSub Kim The Ohio State University
Sie Won Kim Texas Tech University
Josh Kinsler University of Georgia
Mark Klee   U.S. Census Bureau
Marieke Kleemans University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
Tuomas Kosonen Labour Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki
Dmitri Koustas University of Chicago
Alice Kügler University College London
Elira Kuka Southern Methodist University
Astrid Kunze Norwegian School of Economics
Julien Lafortune Public Policy Institute of California
Fanny Landaud Norwegian School of Economics
Edward Lazear Stanford University
Siha Lee University of Wisconsin - Madison
Kyung Min Lee George Mason University
Narae Lee George Mason University
Lars Lefgren Brigham Young University
Sean Lewis-Faupel Comptroller of the Currency
Ling Li University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Tomas Lichard CERGE-EI
Helge Liebert Harvard University
Sebastian Link IFO Institute and University of Munich
Michael Lipsitz Miami University
Elena Lisauskaite Royal Holloway, University of London
Kai Liu University of Cambridge
Xingfei Liu University of Alberta
Stephanie Lluis University of Waterloo
Mark Loewenstein Bureau of Labor Statistics
Magnus Lofstrom Public Policy Institute of California
Nicholas Lovett University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Corinne Low University of Pennsylvania Wharton
Runjing Lu  University of California - San Diego
Dara Luca Mathematica Policy Research
Christine Luecke Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
Wenting Ma University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Hugh Macartney Duke University
Jane Macdonald University of Chicago Press
Cecilia Machado FGV EPGE
W. Bentley MacLeod Columbia University
Terhi Maczulskij Labour Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki
Tim Maddock NZ Productivity Commission
Parag Mahajan University of Michigan
Hani Mansour University of Colorado - Denver
Ghazala Mansuri The World Bank
Julia Manzella U.S. Bureau of the Census
Joseph Marchand University of Alberta
Ioana Marinescu Harvard University
Pedro Martins University of London
Arnaud Maurel Duke University
Isaac Mbiti University of Virginia
Brian McCall University of Michigan
Peter McHenry College of William & Mary
Bruce Meyer University of Chicago
Laurie Miller University of Nebraska
Conrad Miller University of California - Berkeley
Alicia Modestino Northeastern University
Robert Moffitt Johns Hopkins University
A. R. Shariq Mohammed University of Michigan
Fatemeh Momeni University of Chicago
Gloria Moroni University of York
Diego Morris Nottingham Trent University
Christian Moser Columbia University
Pierre Mouganie American University of Beirut
Neha Nanda IMPAQ International
Yusuke Narita Yale University
Derek Neal University of Chicago
Emma Neuman Linnaeus University
Eric Nielsen Federal Reserve Board
Emily Nix USC Marshall
Sam Norris University of Chicago
Ryan Nunn The Brookings Institution
Stephen O'Connell Emory University
Hiroko Okudaira Doshisha University
David Ong Jinan University-University of Birmingham Joint Institute
Page Ouimet Kenan Flagler Business School
Paul Oyer Stanford University
Sangyoon Park University of Hong Kong
Berengere Patault CREST
Dhiren Patki University of Michigan
Richard Patterson United States Military Academy, West Point
Ronni Pavan University of Rochester
Claudia Persico American University
David Phillips University of Notre Dame
Aaron Phipps United States Military Academy, West Point
Anne Polivka U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Eswar Prasad Cornell University
Ahmed Rahman Lehigh University
Michael Ransom Brigham Young University
Jorn Rattso Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Michael Reich University of California - Berkeley
Balazs Reizer CERS HAS
Evan Riehl Cornell University
Nayoung Rim U.S. Naval Academy
Kevin Rinz U.S. Bureau of the Census
Kelsey Roberts Clemson University
Ashwin Rode University of Chicago
Nuria Rodriguez-Planas IZA
Jennifer Roff Pace University
Daniel Rogger World Bank
Philip Rosenbaum University of Copenhagen
Matthew Ross New York University
Alexandra Roulet INSEAD
Sandra Rozo USC Marshall School of Business
Raffaele Saggio Princeton University
Fernando Saltiel University of Maryland
Brenda Samaniego de la Parra University of California - Santa Cruz
Danielle Sandler U.S. Bureau of the Census
Deniz Sanin Georgetown University
Dario Sansone Georgetown University
Torsten Santavirta Uppsala University
Miguel Sarzosa Purdue University
Jessamyn Schaller University of Arizona
Ian Schmutte University of Georgia
Molly Schnell Stanford University
David Schoenherr Princeton University
Hannes Schwandt Northwestern University
Andrew Seagram University of Chicago Press
Xiaoyue Shan University of Zurich
Kathryn Shaw Stanford University
Yotam Shem-Tov University of California - Berkeley
Maggie Shi Columbia University
Solomiya Shpak George Mason University
Hans Henrik Sievertsen University of Bristol
Daphne Skandalis Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Jonathan Skinner Dartmouth College
CarlyWill Sloan Texas A&M University
Jeffrey Smith University of Wisconsin
Benjamin Smith Federal Trade Commission
Daniela Sonedda University of Piemonte Orientale
Todd Sorensen University of Nevada, Reno
Isaac Sorkin Stanford University
Veronica Sovero San Francisco State University
Jamin Speer University of Memphis
Alexandra Spitz-Oener EALE & Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
James Spletzer U.S. Bureau of the Census
Matthew Staiger University of Maryland
Steven Stillman Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Martha Stinson U.S. Bureau of the Census
Hildegunn Stokke Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Brittany Street Texas A&M University
Bryan Stuart George Washington University
Heiko Stueber University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) & IAB
Yichen Su Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Fraser Summerfield St. Francis Xavier University
Shuqiao Sun University of Michigan
Joanna Syrda University of Bath
Ágnes Szabó-Morvai Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Christopher Taber University of Wisconsin - Madison
Joanne Tan University of Michigan
Daniel Tannenbaum University of Nebraska
Konstantinos Tatsiramos University of Luzembourg
Nicholas Tenev U.S. Department of the Treasury
Petra Thiemann Lund University
James Thomas Federal Trade Commission
Ilan Tojerow Université Libre de Bruxelles
Ken Troske University of Kentucky
Margarita Tsoutsoura Cornell University
Cody Tuttle University of Maryland
Matthias Umkehrer Institute for Employment Research
Ehsan Vallizadeh Institute for Employment Research
Andrea  Velasquez University of Colorado - Denver
Tuomo Virkola European University Institute
Hanna Virtanen Research Institute of the Finnish Economy
Ian Walker Lancaster University UK
Jeanette Walldorf Copenhagen Business School
Fan Wang University of Houston
Tianyi Wang University of Pittsburgh
Bruce Weinberg The Ohio State University
Katharina Werner IFO Institute and University of Munich
Jeremy West University of California - Santa Cruz
Jocelyn Wikle Brigham Young University
Alexander Willen Norwegian School of Economics
Jhacova Williams Clemson University
Breyon Williams University of South Carolina
Tanya Wilson University of Glasgow
Riley Wilson Brigham Young University
Juan Marcos Wlasiuk Central Bank of Chile
Horng Chern Wong University of Warwick
Stephen Woodbury Michigan State University
Pengpeng Xiao   Yale University
Xia Xiaoyu Chinese University of Hong Kong
Yuhan Xue University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
Shintaro Yamaguchi University of Tokyo
Samuel Young MIT
Mike Zabek Federal Reserve Board
Giulio Zanella University of Bologna
Rebecca Zarutskie Federal Reserve Board
Mariana Zerpa University of Leuven
Ning Zhang University of Pittsburgh
Sisi Zhang Jinan University   
Maria  Zhu Duke University
Nicolas  Ziebarth Cornell University
James Ziliak University of Kentucky
Ulf Zölitz University of Zurich