The poster sessions will take place on Friday, May 3rd, from 1:00-3:00 pm. The poster presentations will be grouped by topic and each presenter will be assigned a board position, which will be posted to the website.

Display -- Push pins will be supplied. The boards also accept velcro. The board is 4 feet (48") high and 8 feet (96") long. (Picture) The boards are double-sided and each poster half a side, meaning that your poster can be up to 48" square. You may arrange your display any way you like using these constraints -- one large sheet or several small ones, but be sure to allow for border space.

Coverage -- We recommend that your poster be self-explanatory, freeing you from answering obvious questions so that you are available to supplement and discuss particular points of interest. Will a casual observer walk away understanding your major findings after a quick perusal of your material? Will a more careful reader learn enough to ask informed questions? Ask yourself, “What would I need to know if I were viewing this material for the first time?” It’s a good idea to bring some business cards with you to hand out to people who want to contact you.

Clarity -- Is the sequence of information evident? Indicate the ordering of your material with numbers, letters, or arrows. Place your major points in the poster and save the non­essential sidelights for informal discussion. Please bring at least 30 copies of your longer paper for distribution to interested participants. We recommend that you make these copies before the conference because photocopy facilities are limited at the hotel.

Layout -- Prepare a label indicating the title of your paper and author. The lettering for this section should be at least 1 inch high. A copy of your abstract (300 words or less) in large typescript should be posted in the upper left-hand corner of the poster board. Use the remainder of the board for handouts, figures, tables, or printouts that illustrate your major results/findings and how you got there. If there is a theoretical model, or if you need to write out some estimating equation, that should clearly precede any empirical results. Material pre-mounted on heavy board may be difficult to tack to the poster board. All lettering should be at least 3/8 inch high, preferably in a bold font.

Printing and shipping: If you want to avoid having to carry the poster on the plane or mail it to yourself, you can work with our partner at UPS. Email your poster art PDF to Prices, including shipping:

2' x 3' = $30
2' x 4' = $39
3' x 4' = $49
4' x 4' = $60

Files must be formatted to match the exact size of your poster, and the resolution must be at least 250dpi. All files must be received no later than April 26.

The shipping address to use is
Society of Labor Economists/ Maggie Newman/ Deaven Taylor
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel,
2800 South Potomac Ave.,
Arlington, VA 22202.